Safety & Quality

Castle Hill Day Surgery is committed to providing safe and high quality services, and maintains certification against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS) and ISO 2008:9001 – Quality Management Systems.  We employ the services of an independent auditor (Global Mark) to verify our continued  compliance against the wide range of standards and legislation relevant to hospitals at all times. The information below outlines the National Standards.

1.Governance for Safety and Quality in Health Service Organisations – the management of the hospital

Safety and Quality for Patients.docx

Accreditation statement

2. Partnering with Consumers – the way we involve you and your family or carer in your health care.

Consumer Centred Care.docx
Australian charter of Healthcare Rights.doc

3. Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections – how we keep you safe from infection.

Hand Hygiene Statement May 2016

4. Medication Safety – How we safely manage medication you might need.

5. Patient Identification and Procedure Matching – So we can easily identify you and make sure you have the correct treatment and care.

Open Disclosure.pdf

6. Clinical Handover – How we let other members of staff know about you and be up to date with your progress.

7. Blood and Blood Products – are not used routinely, but is available if you need it.

8. Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries – Also known as a bedsore. Anyone can be at risk of a pressure injury.

9. Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration in Acute Health Care – How we care for you if your condition changes.

10. Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls – Ways we can stop you falling.

Information for those at risk of a fall.pdf
Move, Move, Move – How to avoid a pressure injury.pdf
How to get up if you have a fall.docx
Falls Prevention – Medication.docx