Hospitalisation of Children

Taking your children to hospital whether planned or not can be stressing for both child and yourself.

However if you know when your child is going to hospital, planning can make a big difference to the experience for you and your child.

We recommend you read the following informative guide to planning ahead for going to hospital with children. Going to hospital:planning ahead 

Information covered includes:

  • preparing yourself
  • giving your child information
  • checking their understanding
  • packing
  • preparation for unexpected behaviour
  • as well as other resource links to explore.

Planning for your child’s hospital stay:

  • reduces anxiety, worry and stress for you and your child
  • helps your child know what to expect when going to hospital
  • involves your child and helps her feel more in control.

Read more at Going to hospital:planning ahead


We trust you and your child’s time at CHDS can be made as stress free and pleasant as possible for both parent and child.

If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.