Patient Info

We strive to ensure your whole experience at CHDS is of the highest standard, from the booking process, through to discharge. Your admission paperwork will guide you through the process, but our friendly and dedicated admission staff would be delighted to answer any questions you may have prior to or on admission.

Our recovery staff will care for you prior to your discharge and will also provide you with an after hours number to call in case you have any questions or concerns. Furthermore, they will also monitor your progress with a follow up call shortly after your discharge date.

Booking in to CHH
As soon as your doctor advised that you are to have surgery at CHH, please complete all the forms in the package included with this information. We need this information as soon as possible. Please bring it to us in person (you can send a representative) or fax it to us. Placing the information in the post often leads to delays in us receiving your information. In order to reserve your place on the operating list, you must complete this step prior to admission.
Business hours: Mon-Fri 6.30am – 6.30pm.

Costs & Payment
Patients must declare if they are in a Health Fund on booking in. CHH will contact your health fund prior to admission and notify you if there are any gaps in the funding. If you are not insured, you will be given a quote prior to admission. Payment of any gaps must be paid upon admission. Payment can be made using cash, bank cheque, eftpos and most credit cards.

The Receptionist at CHH will ring you between 12.30 and 2.00pm on the working day before surgery. Please ensure you provide a contact number that you are available on during this time, as unless you provide authority, we are unable to leave messages with others. If we have not contacted you by 2.30pm please contact CHH on 9846 2000 to obtain your admission time. Operating lists have to be carefully arranged in the appropriate order, and this information will not be available until then.

On the day of admission
Please try to arrive on time but do not arrive too early as it will prolong the waiting time for you! Newspapers are provided, but some light reading of your choice can be helpful. We would ask you to shower and wear clothes and shoes which are comfortable and loose, and remember, you may feel cooler than normal after your operation. Track suits are ideal. Remove all jewellery, studs, ear-rings, make-up and nail polish. Piercings will usually be taped but the decision to remove them will be made by the anaesthetist on the day. No deodorant or perfume is to be worn. Wedding rings can be taped if you do not wish to remove them. Do not bring unnecessary valuables with you, as we cannot be responsible for them. Mobile phones must be switched off within CHH, as they can interfere with medical devices. If you need to make a phone call the staff will be happy to arrange a phone for you.

This is vital for your safety. You will be told for how long you must fast before your operation. Do not fast longer than this, as you will become very hungry and dehydrated by the time your operation is over. Brushing your teeth is encouraged. Fasting means you must not take any food or fluids. Do not chew gum, or smoke. If the patient is a child, please ask CHH for specific instructions, well before admission, as fasting times vary with age and the procedure.

Colonoscopy patients
You will be given a bowel prep material before admission. It is very important you complete this preparation, as instructed, before your admission. Incomplete bowel preparation may make the examination impossible or inadequate, requiring a repeat at a later date.

Your own medications
Normally, you should take all of your medications, as usual, on the day of admission, with a sip of water. However there are some exceptions such as oral hypoglycaemics (tablets for diabetes) and insulin. If you have any concern please be sure to ask for guidance from CHH before your admission date. Aspirin and Clopidigrel (Plavix, Iscover) is sometimes best stopped pre-operatively and you should ask your doctor about this. Bring your medications with you and if you are unsure of what to do, or contact CHH pre-admission for advice.

Anaesthesia consultation
Your anaesthetist will visit you after admission, and ask you questions to ascertain your fitness for anaesthesia, and decide what kind of anaesthetic would be best suited for you. This may be a general, local, regional anaesthesia, or sedation. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have concerning your anaesthetic, planned post-operative pain relief, etc, and their fees for the service.

Your surgery/examination and recovery
You will be taken to the theatre by the anaesthetic nurse, and placed on a trolley or the operating table, where the anaesthetic will commence. While you are asleep and pain free, the planned procedure will be performed, and then you will be taken, still asleep, to the recovery room, where our recovery nurses will monitor your recovery, and administer any pain-relieving and/or other drugs ordered by the anaesthetist. You may not recall much of this stage. Once you are awake and recovering you will be moved to comfortable armchairs to complete your recovery.

While in the second stage of recovery, you will be observed by the nursing staff, seen (if possible) by your doctor, and given instructions for after care, follow-up visits etc. Sandwiches and drinks will be offered, and arrangements made for your discharge. For those patients who stay overnight, discharge time next day is 10.00am.
We cannot discharge you if you do not have someone to escort you home, and a carer to stay with you overnight to ensure your safety at home. You cannot drive yourself home. Your surgery may be cancelled if you do not put these arrangements into place. If you self-discharge outside protocol, you will be required to complete documentation.

It is a fact of life that delays occur in the best run establishments. There are many reasons for hold-ups during an operating list. Every effort will be made to ensure that you are not inconvenienced while you are with us. If possible we will inform you, if it is feasible, to delay your departure from home, but we understand that this is not always possible. Please be tolerant of any delays that do occur. After all your surgery may take longer than expected and cause unavoidable delays to those following you. Please allow a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for your stay at CHH. Larger operations will require a longer stay.

For more information refer to the Patient Admission Form which incorporates more detailed patient information or call (02) 88 500 500. You Can Find this Form by Clicking this Link >> CHH Patient Pre-Admission Form

Please also refer to Our CHDS Hospital Quick Summary Guide found below or on our Downloads Page